Made to measure

If the products already available do not cover your topic we are pleased to develop a customised solution for you corporation.

Amongst others we have previously developed following sector-independent individual solutions:


ONTRACS serves as web-based planning, surveillance and optimisation of track maintenance work. The work progress as well as measured datas of technical installations can be entered in to the system locally in real time. Clients were developed for a frictionless procedure, which are also working reliable in case of network disturbance. The programme is the basis for the construction of a comprehensive repair and maintenance data base.

In use since 2007; currently in the second configuration level.


The Kleine Händler System (KHS) was developed for the Volksbank. It serves to administer the accounting data of the bank trade with limit controls, risk scores, transaction and evaluation.

KHS has a Client Server Architecture (DELPHI with SQL-access on ORACLE-DB) and provides interfaces for the accounting datas, for legacy data adoption and many more.

Level II is in use since december 1999.


“Känguru” is a worldwide organised mathematic competition for pupils of all forms. In Germany every year more than 800,000 pupils attend the contest. The online submission for this long-standing mathematic competition was conceived and realiesed by the ICG.