Modules adjusted to your user specification

ICG Business Suite

ICG Business Suite relates to a basic system in which the customised software solution is incorporated as modules.


CIM enables the provision and maintenance of an uniform stock list via the internet. On the basis of data such as retail families and -groups, EAN Codes and costs and retail price and so on it is possible to navigate complex administrative processes of articles centrally and transmit changes to the various outlets web-based. The administrative processes will be displayed in clear reports.

CIM provides support with the inventory via interfaces to appropriate barcode reading devices. The automated data transport can take place via numerous import and export interfaces to the cash systems.

At the moment we primally work with Micros Fidelio cash systems, nevertheless the software is usable universally.

KAB is a software to maintain cash data of different Micros cash types. Amongst others it is used by companies which invoice more than 80 decentralised locations all over Germany.

KAB works with data transfer to the central administration where it performs central reporting. The ascertained cash datas are exported and processed to SAP via a booking interface.

It is a variable booking system for decentralised capture of bills and bookings for the delivery to SAP and for the preview of the trading result. EASY enables the automatic matching of bills towards delivery notes and orders with several interfaces (SAP, Micros MyInventory, Comarch ECM, SmartFix).