TriTOM - Standard software for practical personnel and roster management

TriTOM (Zerf) – Personnel and roster management

TriTOM - Personnel- and roster managementTriTOM (Zerf) is a standard software for practical personnel and roster management. Expansive personnel, working period, demand and if necessary sales data will be recorded easily and administered by TriTOM (Zerf).

TriTOM (Zerf) plans deployment and creates efficient rosters and ensures a comfortable automated settlement of the actual data to a large extent.

TriTOM (Zerf) is a tool for staff planning and accounting both for corporation with a small permanent personnel and for the ones with several thousand employees to dispose, with differentiated wage and working period models and sales figures also at different locations. These factors are considered by TriTOM in every detail.

TriTOM (Zerf) creates all necessary personal data for the accounting in the payroll accounting.
TriTOM (Zerf) plus contains the expansion cash book and sales analysis for appropriate oriented corporations. Cash book provides complete cash book conduction. By using sales analysis one receives information about the volume of sales and deployment.

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